Dirty Rats were formed in 1982 in Melbourne Australia by Bass player, Jamie Beovich. Over time, playing the suburban beer barns and inner city clubs throughout Melbourne, the band developed a sound that is typically Australian hard rock, think AC/DC, Rose Tattoo ,but listen closely and influences from MC5, Motorhead and even some punk rock can be heard. They soon developed a huge local following based on their relentless gigging schedule and high energy shows. In the 80’s the Rats were playing 4 and 5 nights a week for bugger all money and precious little industry recognition, but purely for the enjoyment of playing loud “balls to the wall” rock, and the punters loved them for it. The band released a number of EP’s over that period including the now very collectable Play It Loud vinyl record, which was released to great local acclaim, but unfortunately commercial success and rock stardom eluded them. 

After numerous line up changes which saw some excellent players and some complete nut jobs pass through the bands ranks, coupled with some serious personality clashes (read, lead singer was a dickhead), the band folded in the late 80’s before reaching its full potential. During the 90’s and 2000’s there were a number of reunions but they all eventually came to a screeching halt as the old issues resurfaced, (Singer was still a dickhead). Fast forward to 2013. The band reforms and returns to a vastly changed live music scene in Melbourne, firing on all cylinders and ready to take on the world.  A new singer and drummer are found, and a new guitarist comes on board….twice ! (long story). Finally, the Dirty Rats became a fully functioning band all going in the same direction. The old songs get new life, new songs are written. The live gigs go off, (check out “Live At The Bendigo Hotel” cd, what a hoot!), the band signs with Metal Coffee PR in the States. A record deal with Sliptrick records is signed, the first full length Dirty Rats album “Rock n Roll” is released worldwide to critical acclaim and a US tour is booked. 

The future. Well it looks pretty good. The Rats have a lot of interest worldwide, with great airplay stats! A new record is recorded and almost ready for release later in 2019. The US tour is booked and the boys are looking towards a European tour in 2020. It was over 30 years coming and a lot of blood sweat and tears, but Dirty Rats are finally set to conquer the world! 

Dirty Rats Rock!

  Dirty Rats are now a member of the Sliptrick Records family. Find us at

Jamie, Andy, Chooka or Wayne can be contacted at or on 0431 339 679

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